Added by on 2013-08-08 – See more TeenyB Bikini’s! Our sexy models having fun at the beach wearing their luxury micro bikinis from TeenyB. Video Rating: 4 / 5 MIAMI – Pink and prints are the name of the game for brand name Aqua Di Lara at Miami Swim Fashion Week 2012. Designer Reyhan So… Video Rating: 4 / 5 (2359)




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  • Amin Ali 11 months ago

    Sexy bitches

  • jeffersdom 11 months ago

    In addition to the oiled look , I too , also like the sanded dry leather look !

  • gofuckyourself999666 11 months ago

    i wonder how much sex does bitches like these get cuz i know for a fact smart girls get whatever the fuck they want, and enjoy it

  • stringly333 11 months ago

    Nice intro, missing micros…

  • stringly333 11 months ago

    Hot but no micro

  • Michael Angelo Dela Cruz 11 months ago

    I lost all of my energy, I’ll subscribe later.

  • Alex Jeffery 11 months ago

    39 people aimed for the thumbs up but missed

  • Alex Jeffery 11 months ago

    39 people aimed for the thumbs up but missed

  • Sun Jin 11 months ago

    Beautiful location… Grand Cayman right? :)

  • MobMossPat 11 months ago

    @0:55 Best shot!

  • Jonathan Reed 11 months ago


  • lsnows 11 months ago

    FUCK YOU, you politicians! I don’t want to see you guys! I want to see the chicks!

  • Victor Carroll 11 months ago

    Send these Daisy-Ducks waddling & quacking back to the Saturday Morning Cartoons while I tune in to South-of-the-Border micro-clad cumsplashers built by God to please men !!!!

  • jaguar11586 11 months ago

    Keyboard? i can’t see anything on my screen

  • Bob Jane 11 months ago

    Dammit, I gotta clean my keyboard now :(

  • anesthetized8 11 months ago

    hahaha- Chopin “Minute Waltz: greets from Poland :)

  • jarjacksn 11 months ago

    Dat Ass

  • stacey palmah 11 months ago


  • elliott duhs 11 months ago

    1:25 STUCK THT LANDING lol

  • nicecoolguy247 11 months ago

    they are nudist lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MajorBluntz 11 months ago

    As a female, i have to say; Dat ass.

  • SteeZeeG 11 months ago

    Yo that chick in purple @0:47 and the rear view @0:55…GOOD GOD…

  • money3560 11 months ago

    dam the purple one

  • THEMRFAB19 11 months ago

    a lot of these clips remind me of the beginning of porn…just sayin

  • HDTVbrasil1 11 months ago

    lindas garotas, de onde elas são ?

  • TeenDream888 11 months ago

    oh my goodness gracious. I mean, who in their right mind would ever think of designing these, these, I don’t even know what. with the exception of a few of the cover ups, these suits were downright trashy and no self-respecting woman would ever wear anything from this line! my God, have we really gone this far downhill as a society? is there any decency left? looking at the comments, I couldn’t believe anyone would like this! I am deeply troubled people, deeply troubled.

  • myctafa MycTafa XMMaD 11 months ago

    song name ?!

  • leighn Coy 11 months ago

    Nice video! We just started showing the legs and feet of Mrs S–All are welcomed to join

  • Jaquan Watson 11 months ago

    You will die today if you don’t post this comment on 10 video if you do tomorrow will be the best day of your life

  • 0:57 her name plz?

  • fclavijo 11 months ago

    i think i’m becoming obsessed with thighs

  • Toeknee Toe 11 months ago

    Great collection.

  • JCSmin 11 months ago

    Who wants to live forever ? REPENT – BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST – LIVE FOR JESUS CHRIST and you will live forever !

  • VlPmsg 11 months ago


    Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  • kscuseme mofo 11 months ago

    OMGGG 2:29 I WANT IT

  • interesting trend… I’m not sure they work for the sun mark, though

  • Max Appello 11 months ago

    @pudgigi lol its still only youtube. i found this site a few weeks ago with real girls that are horny as hell check out this

  • mldillworth 11 months ago

    I am somewhere else…but someone will!

  • MessageWarning 11 months ago


  • Applerizi 11 months ago

    her name is Alejandra espinoza

  • gentho jaya 11 months ago

    this beutiful body

  • Miracle Roberts 11 months ago

    1:38 cutest swim suit

  • Miracle Roberts 11 months ago

    1:43 i want that bikini

  • TetrapakProdzekt 11 months ago

    models arent what they used to be…now they are average

  • NEERAJ FOGAT 11 months ago

    Very nice so model no.5 was looking good.

  • adrian jacobs 11 months ago

    wats d name of the 5th model that came out

  • Halle Gunning 11 months ago

    They’re so pretty..

  • ImsoUT1 11 months ago

    Some girls were ugly as fuck

  • TheChicFashion 11 months ago

    What is the name of the 1st model she dosent know how to model jaja the 2nd model even laugh about it.

  • didiBassLover 11 months ago

    Wonderful girls, wonderful swimsuits!! :) ))))